Singapore average penis size

Singapore and other countries average penis size

A group of scientists from the University of Ulster published study on the average length of the penis in different countries. It was published in the September issue of the publication Personality and Individual Difference.

The researchers compared the average length of penises of men from around the world. Over all countries the average size of a penis is about 14.03 cm.

In this study residents of Singapore received ranked seventy fourth after Indonesia. The average penis size of singapore man according this study is 11.53 cm

Residents of Democratic Republic of the Congo has the biggest average penis size – 17.93 cm. The second line of the ranking is occupied by men from Ecuador – 17.61 cm. Bronze ranking received residents of Colombia with 17.03 centimeters

The leaders in penis size in Asia are the Mongols. Their average penis size is 13.25 cm. Furthermore, the smallest penis have men from North Korea – 9.66 cm. Singapore average penis size is not so bad compared to these guys.

Among Europeans, the French have the largest average penis size. The average penis size of an average Frenchman is 15.74.

All data were obtained by researchers as a result of surveys and measurements during routine check-ups with the permission of patients. However, the measurement method is not specified.

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How to measure the length of your penis?

It is necessary to measure the length of the penis from the place where its base is attached to the groin. The end of the penis should be considered the tip of its head. It is also important to consider the measurement conditions. Even in the quiescent state, in the absence of sexual arousal, the term does not have a constant length.

In cold air, the outflow of blood from the cavernous bodies occurs, and the penis is slightly reduced in size, and in warm air, on the contrary, its size increases. Therefore, it is best to measure the length of the penis in a state of comfort, at room temperature and normal humidity. When the Singapore average penis size was calculated the methodology was not broken

IQ and average penis size

In addition to the study, scientists wanted to compare the size of the penis with the IQ level.

In the case of China and African countries, there is a marked inverse relationship: the owners of small members have a high level of intellectual development, and those with large penises have a low level. Therefore, when Singapore the average penis size was calculated the relationship between penis size and IQ level was not observed.

And another curious fact: scientists did not find any relationship between the size of the genital organs studied and various factors: height, body mass index or, ahem, foot or nose size. Also, penis size does not affect income and there is no correlation between the country’s GDP and the average size of the male genitalia. Moreover, Singapore average penis size doesn’t depend on any physical factors

Average penis size and anthropology

People have penises bigger than monkeys. Evolutionary anthropologists believe that this was due to natural selection. “Before people started wearing clothes, an unattached human penis was visible to potential sex partners,” says scientist Brian Mautz. In 2012, he published a study that examined how penis size affects a man’s attractiveness to a potential partner and how sexual selection was carried out. “My observations were based on the fact that as a result of the selection of females. Male homo sapiens acquired current dimensions. Females preferred male with more pronounced genitalia, caused a general increase in penis size in the human species. Perhaps the females were trying to find a male who could definitely help them produce offspring.

Female look at penis size

Most women have high demands on the size of the penis. According to studies, a smaller proportion of women (35%) are satisfied with the size of the penis of their partner. However, there is a correlation between countries. For instance, residents of Asian countries are not satisfied in 82% of cases and more often resort to using sex toys during or after sex to get an orgasm. Also the average length of a member affects the duration of a relationship. Men with a big cock are less likely to get divorced and their partners call their sex life completely happy in 82% of cases

Perfect penis size

UK medical researchers conducted an online survey of 9 European countries and the United States.

They wanted to know what is considered the average size of an erect member, and what is ideal. They interviewed 1,200 men and 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 75.

The results showed that the inhabitants of Poland have the most exacting length of male genitalia. They have an ideal size of 22.3 centimeters, and an estimated average of 19.7 centimeters. The smallest expectations surprised the British. An ideal length for them – 19.2 centimeters, and an average of 17.4.

A look at average and perfect penis size

Average penis in Singapore is normal compared  to other Asain countries. But If you want to make your penis perfect ,boost your erection and make your sexual life brighter – buy Maxisize today